Business Research Project Part 5 Week 6

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Business Research Project Part 5: Research Report and Presentation Robert Robinson, Valerye Rogers, Troy Fountain
QNT/561-  Applied Business Research & Statistics
October 13, 2014
Dr. Robert Kalle, Instructor

Business Research Project Part 5: Research and Presentation
In the following, the learning team will revise the Business Research Project. The team will collect all the individual papers from week 5 and will incorporate the best elements into one team inferential statistics and findings paper and spreadsheet. The team will also note the strengths and weaknesses of their statistical findings. They will collaborate if there are any differences to find the best approach. The team will combine all the papers from parts 1-5 and revise all tables and figures. In conclusion, the team will summarize the results of testing the null hypothesis, with a clear statement whether or not the null hypothesis was rejected as well as provide the answers to their research question. The purpose of this research was to determine how performance is affected segment by segment at the Blue Bowl restaurant. The team’s research question in basic terms was to determine how to improve performance during peak guests count to better serve the customer on days that where not normal operating days primarily Friday and Saturday. Every customer is referred to as a guest and guest count is used in all functions of the operations. Every 30 minutes management record the number of guests who have placed an order and compares that to labor costs which broken down in 30 minutes segments at $4.00 per hour. One such way was to record data every 30 minutes during what we determine was the peak or rush hours. The question becomes how to best capture a true and complete record of the number of complaints given to management. Below are the results we came up with. By using several research methods, the team discovered that there were potential problems that needed to be assessed to measure the performance of the operation. The strategic goals of the Blue Bowl restaurant must be identified for the workable design and execution of the data analysis. Additionally, candidate development must be aligned with business development and constructively support the cultural, leadership and communication elements. By nature, the Blue Bowl restaurant will continue to evolve with the business needed over the long term and permeate through all levels of the restaurant. The variable is the number of guests complaints received during the most nights the Blue Bowl has an average guest count of 300 guests from 6pm to 10pm. On Friday and Saturday nights this total can climb to 400-600 which could mean an increase of 50% on both days. The team has decided that the removal of the obstacles on the staff will increase their productivity measured by the number of guests and income per hour. However, the removal of the obstacles on the staff will not increase their productivity measured by the number of guests and income per hour. Based on the information that was provided, as a group we decided on the above scenario that not only included a number of guests but also included the number of available working employees. The graph defines those segments when guest complaints occurred. In the graph you can see that complaints mainly occurred in the beginning of the increase, in the middle of the increased, and at the end of the increase of guests. The graph below defines those segments when guest complaints occurred.

Above are the results of complaints received by guests to management during this time. You will notice in the first quarter and second quarter complaints are lower compared to the target population this would suggest that performance is good with regards to guest counts. However the team seen an increase in complaints in the third quarter suggesting that performance has fallen. This would suggest to them that with the increase of...
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