Business Studies Research Task

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Business Research Task
Small to Medium Enterprise

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The chosen SME that I have decided to establish is a house cleaning business. Not only cleaning interior but if needed the exterior also. 1. Situational analysis considering:

1.1 Influences in establishing a SME
The reason that I wanted to establish a business of my own, this one being a house cleaning business is that the target market of people who have less time on their hands and wish to have their house cleaned will pay and the number of people in this area is increasing dramatically. Also as this requires human resources and manual labour it does not require many skills or degrees to higher some people to be on the payroll and to gain more business. This business can also be established from scratch or by buying into a franchise, but I will start from scratch as this is also an exterior cleaning business. 1.2 SWOT Analysis

1.3 Classification of Business
The business that I have chosen to establish is a service business, which means that is offers services or intangible assets and it charges for labour rather than a good which is sold. The business will also end up being over 20 workers making it a medium enterprise and in this way it will expand from just the small area around where we being to more of Sydney. 1.4 Vision and goals

“To provide a busy family home with a quick, thorough cleaning service which is accurate, on time, staff friendly and always efficient.” The vision that I have for the business is to provide a family home with a cleaning service that can fit around their busy time schedule and is always done properly, finished on time with friendly staff that are always efficient in their work. This will give the family or person comfort that they have chosen the right business to clean their house for them. Goals for the business:

To gain a trustworthy and good name
To gain good business and a substantial income
To expand and slowly gain more employees and customers

2. Marketing Plan

2.1 Identification of the target Market
The target mark that my business is aiming for is the young family or couple (being 2+ people) this is because as the young family is becoming busier and busier they cannot afford to waste time cleaning their house, this means that it is a great place to start getting jobs to work the employees of the business. It is also the ideal place because not only do they have less time to clean the house themselves, usually the house is bigger than just a single floor which means the more time to clean means that there is also a higher income for the company. This target market also is much higher than others meaning there will be plenty of jobs and even if some of them do not continue on a contract there are still plenty of places that need the service we provide. 2.2 Recommendation of marketing strategies

In most service business companies the focus that people pay to is obvious. How good the service is, in this matter our focus is on selling how efficient and on time our service is. So what we will focus on in the first few weeks is being a company that focuses all of its effort on the service, making it the best that it could possibly be, in doing this hopefully we are noticed and the word is spread, with a good working policy the business will be better known and therefore we will sell to our target market better.

The price that we will aim for is based on the size of the house and the time spent there, but the best way that we are going to sell our service onto our target market would be with value added, such as not only is the house vacuumed for this price but it is also mopped. Or if the inside of the house wishes to be fully cleaned something of the outside will be added at no extra cost to the bill. But this is mainly based on the one time usage of our service. If a contract is signed to keep us on for a certain time or we become regular then...

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