Current Business Research Project Paper

Topics: Management, Feedback, Associate's degree Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: January 12, 2009
Current Business Research Project Paper

There are some issues that need to be addressed in my organization, but there is one specific that I have been dealing since the day I started with my company and it is the capability to do call monitoring on my associates and provide them with positive feedback. My company does not pay any attention of certain issues that are important for us in order to run a state of the art call center and at the same time give associates the proper coaching and constructive feedback in real-time. This kind of approach will help us improve the performance and satisfaction of the company while it will help increase our associate’s morale. I found this article over the Internet by Rodney Kuhn title “ Using quality monitoring to enhance performance and improve morale” that talk about how to improve each associate quality and performance by boosting their morale using the right training and tools like phone monitoring. The purpose of this article is to inspire managers to use these tools in their daily task and train associates on how to approach the customers either by using scripts made by the company or by following manager’s guidelines. In order to keep associates motivated and more important to retain at all cost your top performers associates, you need to keep your agents with the latest technology available in the market so they will see that the support is there in a timely manner. The article mentions a fact that “in the call center alone, 26 out of every 100 full-time agents are likely to leave each year”. We have experienced this situation in our call center, we have lost more than 25% of our associates due to the lack of technology or simply because associates do not feel comfortable with the tools that are provided by the organization. Right now the management team is in the process of acquire and implement different technologies that will allow us to monitor our associates and give them their feedback on real-time or...
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