Topics: Mid-Autumn Festival, Mooncake, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: October 16, 2014
The social responsibility of Maxim’s is that Maxim’s group give lots of effort to paripicant in charity and environment area to contribute their care and concern to our community.

Firstly I would like to talk about their participant in charity About 260 staff and their relatives join walk for millions 2012 and it donates $2800000 to the Community Chest. More than 90% of the staff were finished this walk. They are not for only charity but they can also build up their team spirit.

Also Maxim group have the Surplus Bread Donation Programme which started in 2009 About 70 Maxim’s Cake joined this programme in order to donate the surplus bread to the elderly or poor. It can show Maxim’s sympathy to our community. It have been donated more than 150,000 to the people who are needed

Moreover,Maxim’s also held some visiting . in the mid-autumn festival, Maxim invite Kelly Chan to visit Jockey Club Cheung Hang Children & Youth Integrated Services Centre so that Kelly Chan and 50 children celebrated mid-autumn festival together. Kelly also represent to Maxim to give the angry bird mooncake to the children. It is not only the promotion of the mooncake, but it can show Maxim care for the children

Furthermore, Maxim held Mother’s Day Cake Design Competition . It invite Maxim’s Cakes, St. James’ and Chilam to pariticant in this competitive. About 20 families joined this competiton . They design the beautiful cake and donated to the charity. Also Maxim also donated 4000 breakfast coupons to St. James. This activity can also let children and their father mother to have a chance to communicate and do something.

Maxim’s awarded the caring company for 4years started in 2009 This award is appreciated Maxim that their contribution in community

This is the second year for Maxim to offer A Little Heart for our environment programme This progamme was provided to the estate to recycle the newspaper, metal and the plastic.After recycling,the resident will award some...
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