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SCHOOL YEAR: 2012 – 2013

SBA Overview

Carnival has long been a traditional cultural festival in several Caribbean territories. Every year, thousands of costumed masqueraders parade through the streets, dancing to the pulsating sounds of steel band, calypso and soca. Most of these revelers register to participate in the band of their choice months before the festivities begin. Organizers of these bands must utilize management and organizational skills in order to stage a successful event. As a bandleader of one of these carnival bands, you are required to utilize suitable Word processing, Spreadsheet, Database management as well as a programming application to design and implement computer-based solutions to the tasks involved in the management of your carnival band.


The financial records of the band are maintained using a spreadsheet application. The names of masqueraders are listed by section. Both men as well as women may register to play in each section. There are five sections in the band. The cost of costumes is quoted in US dollars. The cost by section is USD$165, USD$220, USD$285, USD$355 and USD$430 respectively. Masqueraders are given the option of paying for the costume in three installments, or paying the full cost in one payment. Many people utilize the installment option. Single full payment attracts a discount of 15%, while payment by installments attracts an interest of 20%. Installments should be spread over three equal payments.

Each masquerader pays an ‘Inclusive‘ fee. A USD$155 Inclusive fee entitles the masquerader to food, drinks, access to portable bathroom facilities and bottled water during the carnival parade through the streets. However, a payment of $50.00 entitles the masquerader to portable bathroom facilities and bottled water only.

Expenditure is incurred in the provision of several amenities for masqueraders during the carnival. The bandleader must supply food, drinks, portable bathroom facilities, transportation, music, security personnel and artiste fees. In addition, the costs of material for the manufacture of costumes as well as labour costs are incurred.

Because of the anticipated large number of masqueraders, the bandleader has decided to manage the income and expenditure of each section separately.

You are required to:

1. Design a worksheet(s) which accepts income and expenditure costs for each section.

Your worksheet must record all payments made by masqueraders, (a few persons have only made one or two of the required three installment payments on costumes), the total amount paid by each person as well as the grand total collected must be calculated. Costume payments must be made in US dollars. The total payments made by each person however, must be converted to the equivalent amount in local currency(example JM$).

In an appropriate row, count the number of masqueraders in the section; calculate the total payment on costume, Inclusive fees and the total overall payment.

The expenditure incurred for each section must also be calculated. Food is $65.00 per person; drink is $45.00 per person; material is $153.00 and labour is $80.00. Other services are provided at a flat rate for the entire band. These are as follows: bathroom - $3500.00; transport $3000.00; music - $4500.00; security - $1850.00; artiste - $6000.00. The cost of each flat rate services for each section = Rate/No. of Sections.

Food and drinks are increased by 17% of the starting per person cost for each successive section, material is increased by 15% of the starting cost for each successive section, while labour is increased by 9% of the starting cost for each successive section.

The total cost of each service for each section = Cost of service X the number of masqueraders in the...
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