British Airways Information System

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The purpose of this project is explore how information systems helps organisations to make decisions at different levels to achieve set objectives and strategic advantages over competitors .The team carried out research and debate on various companies, and agreed to focus on British Airways. Through literature we found out, that BA is amongst the busiest premium international airlines worldwide, BA operates mainly from Heathrow, London city and Gatwick airports and flies over 35million people to more than 300 cities and freights an average of 700,000 tonnes of cargo each year (ref). BA’s air cargo business, in conjunction with its scheduled passenger services operate under the licence governed by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA). Since its establishment, BA has progressed over the past decades and is still striving to dominate the air transport business worldwide. BA meets its targets by making decisions, which are categorised into three levels:Stakeholders &Board of Directors make most of its decisions in an unstructured manner, from information gathered internally and externally. The objectives set at the strategic level of BA, are implemented, and evaluated on short-term basis by the management team, who critically analyse information and make tactical decisions Operational levels of decision-making are short termed, day-to-day control of activities, tasks and resources. Goals are predefined and highly structured to achieve set objectives. The above diagram shows levels of decision-

British Airways strategic goal is to become the world‘s leading global airline, to achieve this, the management sets objectives, which are accomplished through rigorous decision-making, planning, controlling and the use/support of information systems, to show its presence in key global cities, improve employee relationship; to deliver outstanding customer services, invest on training and development, performance, opportunities, excellence and partnership.

British Airways uses the following information tools at its strategic level.

Executive Support System (ESS)

Executive Support System (ESS) supports management in BA to make long term unstructured decisions and addresses strategic issues. Executives use this information tool, as it provides relevant data about British Airways internal and external environment which enables BA to match its organisational capability to changes, and opportunities, occurring in its external environment

ESS Workstation Graphics Communications Local processing Menus

ESS Workstati on

Internal data
TPS/MIS data Financial data Modelling Analysis

External data
Virgin Atlantic Easy jet Stock market Gallup poll

ESS Workstati on

MM Menus Local processing Graphics Communicat

Menus Local processing Graphics Communicat

The above diagram explain how ESS is used at the strategic

 ESS uses internal reports such as sales, billing, staffing, and accounts to produce summarised reports internally.

 ESS filters, compresses, and tracks critical data internally and externally, this emphasises the reduction of time and effort required to obtain information useful to BA management.

The tactical decision makers in BA use the following information tools. • • Management Information System (MIS) Decision Support System (DSS)

MIS serves the monitoring, controlling, feedback, decision-making, and administrative activities of middle managers. Typically, they provide routine summary and exception reports generated with data and information from TPS e.g. sales management and inventory control, as the diagram below illustrates

Marketing management information systems

British Airways Common Database Financial management information systems

The above diagram explains how BA



• •

MIS provide managers with reports and, in some cases, on-line access to the organisations current performance and historical records Typically, these systems focus...
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