Strategic Information Management

Topics: Information, Knowledge management, Management Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: November 29, 2012
CMI Level 7 Diploma: Unit 7004 Main Assignment

Introduction: The following assignment explores the importance of using information to inform and support strategic decision making to achieve organisational goals and objectives as set out by unit learning outcomes (LO) pertaining to this unit 7004. These four learning outcomes are to: LO1: Be able to understand the impact of management information on decision making; LO2: Be able to understand the importance of information sharing within the organisation; LO3: Be able use information to inform and support strategic decision making; and LO4: Be able to monitor and review management information. In order to achieve these learning objectives, the writer has drawn upon from his practical work experience as a practicing facility manager, research through various sources in the field of information management and technology. The theme of this assignment is focused around three distinct contexts within the learning outcome domains- identifying different kind of information; sharing information and managing knowledge; and using information for strategic decision making. Throughout this paper the focus has been the strategic information management which is defined as an acquisition, recording, organising, storage, dissemination, retrieval and use of information in strategic decision making process. Information systems, defined as those interrelated components working together to collect, store and disseminate information to support decision making, coordination, control, analysis and visualisation in an organisation are the main subject area highlighted as strategic organisational resources. Information systems can be either paper based or technology based, however this assignment takes information technology (IT) based view and considers that Data, Information and Knowledge management as key to the to the understanding of the subject.

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CMI Level 7 Diploma: Unit 7004 Main Assignment

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