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Name: Ammar Alluhaybi
Course: Data Warehousing
Assignment: 1

Exercise #4 – pg. 21

Question1: For an airlines company, how can strategic information increase the number of frequent flyers? Discuss giving specific details.


The strategic importance of information in the industry is extremely competitive advantages, for example the aviation industry. Calls for the field to synchronize the roles and responsibilities of staff, as well as the optimization of physical assets and services .The objective of this procedure is to achieve a high degree of service is exceptional. Employ strategic information in an efficient and effective is crucial to provide a life of customer loyalty and satisfaction through constant. The airline industry is characterized by a wide range of services, on-time delivery performance trips to the audience in the journey. Maintenance programs for aircraft is also another aspect where the role of strategic information is critical. And strategic information comes in handy in ensuring the ability to achieve process-centered perspective to reflect on the information system. Strategic information has helped ease the frustration customers resulting from delays and pending applications. This includes the construction of roads, which includes airlines 3rd party, and the management of customer requests and meal from thousands of flights, and get connected departing flights, and others. Airlines also applied the information strategy for growth and strengthen customer loyalty through the establishment and operation of such programs, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Strategic information; thus, increases the number of frequent travelers through strengthening and maintaining customer loyalty.

Exercise #4 – pg. 44

Question 2: For an airlines company, identify three operational applications that would feed into the data warehouse. What would be the data load and refresh cycles for each?

A data warehouse is a managed set of data located after and outside the operational systems. Commonly referred as enterprise data warehouse (EDW), the database is useful in data analysis and reporting. It forms a vital repository of data created through integrating the data from a single or multiple sources. The warehouses store historical, as well as current information. They are useful in establishing reports for senior management formalities like quarterly and annual comparisons. For an airlines company, three operational applications that would feed into the data warehouse include marketing and sales of tickets, the management of customer loyalty programs, and responding to the many customer demands. Management of flight arrival and departure schedules is also managed by the computing database. Data loading is a procedure in database consumption and data warehousing. The process involves extracting data from exterior sources and transforming it to fit respective operational requirements for purposes of achieving quality in serviced delivery. Data load for the sales and marketing function of an airline company is evident when the company gathers personal and travel information on passengers. The information is used to determine the value of the service rendered to them, as well as facilitating the administration of customized services like specialized medical attention. The memory cell of the sales and marketing database is recharged (refresh cycle) when passengers arrive at their destination, and new bookings are made. As for customer loyalty programs data load would occur when the period set for rewards of loyalty would have been set. In an airline this may be capped at one year. The refresh cycle would therefore be one year. Responses to customer complaints would necessitate would have a data load occurring after 24 hours to facilitate quick response to complaints. This also means that the refresh cycle...
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