British Airways Customer Service

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how customer service within British Airways is monitored & evaluated

British Airways would monitor their customer service through a number of ways. One example of how they would monitor customer service is through the use of informal customer feedback. This means that they would gather information through informal conversation, where the customer is left to express their opinions more comfortably and honestly.

British Airways would value the customer’s opinion and use this information to provide a better customer service. Customers who pick up on the fact that British Airways has picked up on what they were saying means that they will become a loyal customer because they will trust in British Airway, increasing British Airways reliability.

Another way in which British Airways would evaluate customer service is through customer questionnaires. Customer questionnaires allow British Airways to gain honest and relevant feedback from their customers.

Customer questionnaires give British Airways an insight into how good or bad their customer service is, allowing them to pick up on customer satisfaction and the customer’s needs.

The results of the customer questionnaires is used to make changes that will help improve customer service and ultimately customer satisfaction.

British Airways can evaluate their customer service by looking at their level of sales. From this they can see whether their level of sales is increasing or decreasing, allowing them to make decisions on how they can increase their sales or ensure they stay at a good level.

If their customers use their service again, this will let British Airways know that their customer service is obviously at a good standard if they are generating loyal customers.

Also, the number of complaints that they receive will obviously indicate how good their customer service is. If they have a high number of complains, low level of sales and customers who do not return to British...
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