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SUBJECT : How to Improve Brand Recognition in Television Commercials  
The television commercials in India have continued to have a huge variety inthem. They were funny, witty, emotional, inspirational, with good music and sound and someeven managed to strike a chord in everyones hearts. Many lasted for a longer period,somecame and went quickly, and some didnt even last even for a couple of weeks. TelevisionCommercials(TVC) are perhaps one of the best tools for creating awareness amongst thepeople. This paper is there to explain few factors which make a TVC successful and create themuch needed awareness for the brand.Following are a few points which are essential to be included in the TVCs and whatshould be avoided as well as which concept should be used in which situation and in whichbrand.

The Ingredients:
Following are the ingredients which are used in most of the commercials,someare a blend of more than 1 of the following:- Brand Ambassador
Concept Linkage
Conveying the USP
Music/Voice/Sound effects
Humor and Wits
Emotions and Relations
Inspiration and Attitude
Rivalry Campaign
Special Cases
Liquor & Cigarette Commercials

Research Paper
How to Improve Brand Recognition in Television Commercials

1) Brand Ambassador:-
One of the major ingredients for a TVC is a brand ambassador or a mascot. The brand ambassador should be such a person who should be able to represent the brand properly. For a teenage product, the ambassador should be a teen icon. The ambassadors are a symbol which make the audience connect themselves to them. The ambassadors are different for different brands. Examples are Genelia Dsouza and Virat Kohli for Fastrack, Amitabh Bacchan for Cadbury, Sachin Tendulkar for Adidas.

2) Concept Linkage:-
Concept Linkage is how to link a particular concept to a particular product. This is how to give a product the characteristics and linking it with the concept. Remember the “Tata Tea Jaago Re” TVCs, the product was shown of making a revolution into the minds of the youth and bringing in them a strong sense of justice. Another example is of Frooti commercial, where the tagline is Why Grow Up. The commercials shows people acting like small children and getting involved in pranks and other childish stuffs.

3) Conveying the USP:-
One more essential quality, the TVC should be able to use its USP and convey it to the people. One good commercial is the Godrej DVD player which had its TVC based upon the built in amplifier system in the DVD player.

4) Music/Voice/Sound effects:-
These are a few minor things but almost equally important as well to create good effect of the advertisement. The music should be good and should be related to the commercial. It should be loud for a jewellery TVC and it should be soft and silent for a commercial for a product that is for the youth and which represents toughness. Voice effects also have a good impact on the TVCs. A voice of Amitabh Bacchan, which is firm and loud, representing a balm TVC, would be more effective than a soft or a normal mans voice. Sound effects should be included but care should be taken to avoid extremely irritating effects as this would indirectly or directly have a negative impression on the product.

5) Humor And Wits:-
One of the widely used qualities in the TVCs nowadays, is that people appreciate funny TVCs and the ones with good wits. The people watching a commercial never miss to catch-up on a laugh they see on the television. Some may even try to imitate it in front of their known ones and thus the brand name gets flashed every time, i.e. word of mouth. Care should betaken as not to copy concepts or jokes which are already known to the public and even if they are copied, they shouldn’t be just as the same as the original ones, i.e. they should be modified in a very creative way. Eg: Mentos (dimag ki batti jala de) 

6) Emotions And Relations:-
Emotions and Relations are a great...
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