Topics: Rhetoric, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 4 (587 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Commercials has a great influence in our day to day lives. All commercials, basically attempt to persuade the people to buy the products. Commercials let people know about the new products the company (ex. Apple) launches and reminds the customer that their product is superior to the competitor’s product. The commercial explains why their product is different and effective than the competitor’s product and influences the customer about the benefits of the product. To gain the attention of the customer the advertisers add catchy jingles and slogans to the commercials. (Ex. “Nothing runs like a Deere”—John Deere, “Don’t leave home without it”—American Express card, “Just do it”—Nike, Energizer—“It keeps going and going and going”). Likewise, Mascots is one of the elements advertisers use to make the customers (regardless of age) remember, recognize and connect with the product (Ex: Pillsbury—Doughboy, Energizer—Bunny, McDonald’s—Clown, Planters—Mr. Peanut). Advertisers use striking designs, stylish fonts, appealing lights, playful music, flashy taglines, funny mascots and furthermore to attract the audience. The most common promotion appeals include use of fear, humor, sex and rational appeal. They gain the interest of the customers through amazing detail, famous quotes, debatable statements and using statistical details.

The commercials has lots do with emotional component of the audience, it persuades the customers through testimonies, family sentiments and humor. Some commercials even evoke hope and fear. They use celebrities to endorse their product. Sales promotion like discounts, coupons and loyalty program are another way to entice the customers. The art of persuading the viewer’s means using the basic three elements ethos, logos and pathos. Ethos:

Ethos means convincing by the author or persuading by the character. The commercials use film stars, sports person to endorse their product and audience can easily connect with the...
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