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Boost juice offers a selection of delicious freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and crushes, such as low fat smoothies, lean & green, boosters etc. Boost juice is convenience good that meets customers’ pursuit for healthy fast food, currently in the growth stage of its product life cycle. In terms of the augmented layer, Boost juice differs from other competitors in terms of its brand, environment-friendly packaging, and bright, vibrant juice bars. Boost juice bars have bright color, cool music and young staff, which deliver its brand position clearly and further differentiate the product.

Boost juice has been positioned as a healthy and cool brand based on ‘love for life’ philosophy’. Within the first several years, Boost juice has effectively captured consumers’ attentions and enhanced the brand awareness among the mass with its strategic marketing activities. According to the study done by Independent TNS research in 2011, Boost juice established a brand awareness level of 94% in Australia within just 5 years since inception and consumers ranked the brand’s ‘cool factor’ among the likes of Nike and Apple.

Besides domestic market, Boost juice is actively expanding to the international marketplace in the last few years, covering many countries like New Zealand, UK, China, India and so on. During the brand globalization process, Boost Juice marketing activities not only aim to maintain the original integrity of the brand values around health, fund and love for life but also extend its brand to cater for the local cultural differences. For example, company has adapted its core product range of 6 smoothies to include Dragon Fruit in China, Rooibos in South Africa etc. On the other hand, boost juice is a low-involvement good that is inexpensive and has little perceived risk. Therefore consumers do not go through the extensive decision-making sequence and are more subjective to ‘peripheral’ cues such as the packaging and labeling. Boost’s...
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