Target Market Jugos Del Valle

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The target market of Jugos Del Valle is the group of customers that we will specifically, careful selection will be crucial for an effective marketing mix.

It has had four main guidelines based on our market research.

1. The target market must be matched to achieve the goals of Jugos del Valle and must go outside with the image of it.

You will not be able to sell juice to people who are not looking for a healthy life to reach a mass market for this is the essential image of Jugos Del Valle.

2. It should seek to match the market opportunity with company resources.

No exaggerated invest large sums of money on advertising campaigns to become as well known as Hit juices, instead the company should match its limited resources of the marketing mix for the market trying to reach.

3. Jugos Del Valle sought thus reaches its maximum utility.

Jugos del Valle to look for different markets to produce enough sales volume at minimum cost to obtain a higher utility level.

4. It sought a market in which the number of competitors is minimal.

Jugos Del Valle entered a relatively saturated market competition, however, has the competitive advantage is that you have to remove the natural allowing customers to existing businesses as Jugos Hit.

After looking in detail these four patterns, it was observed that the market opportunity for a company is very limited, which requires the assessment of available markets for Jugos Del Valle.

Jugos Del Valle is a brand different since been introduced completely new products in its category, it has 100% juice without added sugar fortified with vitamin C and preservatives, for which it has been determined that the best target market for Jugos Del Valle are families, children and athletes as they all are on the lookout for products that tend toward the natural characteristic of this brand.

* Family

It has been established that the family is one of our target market as this group is focused more generation and can become a tradition of consumption of juice (like coke taking in many families) for their tendency to natural vitamins in addition to providing benefits to the whole family thus achieving a healthier lifestyle.

* Children and / or Athletes

This group is very important because this group is more interested in product quality and the benefits they can generate when consuming a product that's cool with a pleasant taste and also provide them with vitamins.

So much so that Jugos del Valle has created a product portfolio just for kids, Fruit Valley, with a different taste and more vitamins this is more attractive to them.

After conducting detailed market segmentation these two groups were chosen as their target market in this process Jugos del Valle will follow three broad strategies like the aggregation of market concentration in a single segment, and segmenting into multiple segments, with greater precision marketing plan.


After researching and selecting the target market of Jugos Del Valle, is now know this as a difference to the market supply of the company.

All goods and services are differentiated in the market and even love, from producers, sellers, agents, brokers, traders seek to differentiate their offerings from others and this could not be ignored Jugos del Valle.

Most companies are characterized by four basic dimensions to differentiate their market offering:

1. Product

Jugos Del Valle, is characterized by its natural tendency towards being 100% juice without added sugar fortified with vitamin C and preservatives and sweeteners, in addition to being durable, provide security when consumed along with the style, design and functionality their packaging

2. Services

This dimension looks at the quality of the delivery, installation, training, consulting, and repairs, which would Jugos Del Valle almost no...
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