Topics: Language, English language, Second language Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: November 5, 2013
The use of Business English in transacting with worldwide organizations has been a norm for both English and non-English speaking countries. Business English can be defined as the study of English vocabulary used in trade, finance, business, and international relations. Globalization is everywhere, and the language of globalization is English. People interact with each other across the globe everyday; business transactions happen every second. The use of Business English is important in order to keep up with international commerce and industry. The importance of Business English should not be underestimated in the new age of global market. In many cases, English is one of the requirements in order to join conferences, communicate effectively with overseas business partners, and compete in the international market. While English is not the official language in many countries worldwide, it is the language often taught as the second language. This is mainly because English serves as a bridge language or a “passport” at present. In some cases, companies assess job applicants’ credibility by measuring their English language and communication skills. Even if he/she has met qualifications such as having job experience, if an applicant has a relatively low level of English skills, then this would be disadvantageous for the applicant. Proficient use of English language in business is vitally important since poor English language skills may provoke negotiation misunderstandings and incompetence to global business, which would affect a company’s performance and place the company at a disadvantage when competing in a global marketplace. Business English serves as a weapon to carry messages and to reach agreement across regions. These in turn will lead to the fulfillment of organizational goals. According to Rivers (2008), in the current language climate, imagining a Spanish trader in Bangkok, an African diplomat in Strasbourg, or a Malaysian chemist in...
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