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Topics: English language, Faroese language, Germanic languages Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Global business and communications, it is becoming more essential for citizens of the world to be able to communicate with one another effictively. English, I think, should be the primary global language for business and communications. In this essay I will discuss why English should be a global language for the world. Some reasons include that most of English is made up of different languages. It’s one of the most widespread language on Earth.

English should be the globally spoken language for business and communications because in many part of the world, many countries speak English. Geographically, it is the most widespread language on Earth. This means that English is very common. Let’s take for example, Faeroese, this is a language spoken in the Faroe Islands by some 48,000 inhabitants. Faroese belongs to the West Scandinavian group of the North Germanic languages. If we use this as a global language, only a tiny fraction of the whole world would know this language and we would have to learn Faroese. If you look at the better choice, it would English because it’s very global as it is.

In the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, English is the official language in these countries, one of the two national languages in Canada. It is also official and semi-official in South Africa, India and Hong Kong. English is almost or is the official language in different parts of the world. So why not make it an official global language for business and communication? There are many reasons why we should and not many reasons why we shouldn’t.

In the English speaking world there are only about 750,000 words. Half of these words have Germanic origin, and nearly half as much as that are from the Romance language, which includes Latin, French, Spanish and Italian. The rest of the English language is a generous borrowing from the Greek, Dutch, Modern German and Arabic languages. What I’m getting to is that many part of the world speak these...
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