Topics: Action potential, Neuron, Nervous system Pages: 3 (562 words) Published: September 30, 2014
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1. stimulus range: threshold = .8 v, max = 8.5 v
2. muscle response: twitch with 3 phases (latent, contraction, relaxation) 3. effects of increasing stim. Intensity on muscle force: forces increases then stays constant

1. Nervous Sys. I: Action Potential; Ion Channels; Membrane Potential 2. Nervoous Sys. II: Synaptic Potentials and Cellular Integration,; Synaptic Transmission 3. Endocrine Sys.: Biochemistry, Secretion and Transport of Hormones; Actions of Hormones 4. Muscular Sys.: Neuromuscular Junction; Muscle Metabolism 5. CV Sys.: Cardiac Cycle; Measuring Blood Pressure; Cardiac Output 6. Immune Sys.: Innate Host Defenses; Humoral Immunity; Cellular Immunity 7. Respiratory Sys.: Gas Exchange, Pulmonary Ventilation

8. Urinary Sys.: Glomerular Filtration; Early Filtrate Processing; Late Filtrate Processing 9. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid Base Balance: Body Fluids; Water Homeostasis; Elec. Homeostasis The Nervous System: The Action Potential

1. a. The action potential changes the membrane potential from _______ mV (resting) to _______ mV and back again to the resting membrane potential.
b. This results from a change in membrane permeability first to _______ then to _______ due to the opening of what type of ion channels? _______
2. a. Where is the density of voltage-gated Na+ channels the greatest? b. What areas of the neuron generate signals that open these voltage-gated channels? c. Opening of these channels causes the membrane to ______________ (voltage change). 3. a. If the membrane reaches the trigger point, known as ___, what electrical potential will be generated? b. During the depolarization phase, voltage-gated ______ channels open and ____enters the cell. 4. What are the two processes that stop the potential from rising above +30 mV? 5. a. The opening of voltage-gated K+ channels cause...
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