biomedical or scientific, naturalistic or holistic, and magico-religious

Topics: Health care, Religion, Scientific method Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: October 14, 2014
People view illness and death differently depending including on their own personal beliefs as well as their culture. The 3 major views that are often used by different cultures to explain the causes of death and disease are: biomedical or scientific, naturalistic or holistic, and magico-religious.

Biochemical or scientific worldview is the most prevalent view in our healthcare system and it is embraced by most nurses and other health care providers. The basic idea of this view is that all events in life have a cause and effect, and that the human body works like a machine, and all reality can be observed and measured (ex: BP, PaO2 levels, intelligence test.) one example of the biochemical or scientific view regarding disease and illness is the bacterial or viral explanation of communicable disease. A naturalistic or holistic viewpoint are commonly embraced among the Native American, Hispanics, African American, Arab and Asian cultures. This viewpoint explains and focuses on the holistic explanation of what caused the disease. This belief focuses on keeping the forces of nature in natural balance and harmony. Many Asian groups believe in the yin and yang theory which is a great example of this viewpoint. The yin and yang theory is a belief that there is an ultimate balance between everything in life one way or another, meaning that health is believed to exist when all aspects of a person are in perfect balance or harmony. According to the holistic theories, disrupting the laws of nature creates imbalances, chaos, and disease. The Magico- Religious view’s basic concept it that the world is a place where the supernatural forces dominate, and they believe that the fate of everyone depends on the action of the supernatural forces for good and evil. According to some African American and Caribbean people their explanations of magical causes of illness include belief in voodoo or which craft. There are some Christian religions that believe in faith healing to...
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