Assess the Biomedical and Socio-Medical Models of Health

Topics: Medicine, Illness, Health care Pages: 3 (1161 words) Published: April 2, 2013
I am going to write a report assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the biomedical and socio-medical models of health. Biomedical model of health
Biomedical model of health is an approach which eliminates psychological and social factors (environment) but only comprises biological issues in trying to recognize or understand an individual`s medical illness/disorder. The biomedical model of health looks upon treatment in expression of changing the body by medical intervention forms. Also this model seeks to look at what is wrong and fix that part of individual as it focuses on illness rather than health as well as diagnosing an individual`s illness. Strengths of Biomedical model of health

One of biomedical model of health`s strengths is that, it give attention at an individual`s health and illness- but with more concentration on individual`s illness or ill-health. This model looks at treating disease/illness with trying medical knowledge use as its theory proposes that all diseases and illnesses can be treated by medical involvement. E.g.: using the biomedical model of health, an individual with asthma or other ill-health would be given or prescribed medicine/tablets to create better feeling for them or that will make them feel better. The biomedical model of health is applicable or applied/used in all country and with its intervention (mostly direct) the patients benefit from it. Another strength of this model, is that it puts all the focus on treating and managing the illness which then brings or might bring quick improvements of benefits. Additionally, this model of health is or maybe effective or successful in treating and diagnosing illnesses or diseases.

Weaknesses of biomedical of health
In weaknesses of biological model of health is that, is or can be very expensive for some people and this model does not focus on illness or disease prevention so people might get illness again or even different illness which would also be fixed through medical...
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