Biomass Power Plant Project

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Biomass power plant boiler project
Numerous biomass boiler projects in Europe. German and Austrian plant constructors have built up their technological leadership in Europe in this area over the last few years. A type of formula power plant with certain standard components has become established and has been a real success on the export market. For this reason we adapted at an early stage to certain boiler sizes and developed the steam turbine to be able to equip even power plants of between 1.5 and 3 MW. However, the number of biomass projects in Europe is directly related to the existence of national programmes to expand capacities specifically in this segment. Conditions in Europe are currently difficult as most programmes have come to an end. Biomass energy is making a significant contribution to renewable energy supply in Germany and accounts for about 5.5 percent of the total electricity production in the country. Germany is the market leader in biogas technology and is also Europe’s biggest biogas producer. Last year around 7,600 systems with a cumulative capacity of 3,200 MW generated 21.9 billion kWh in the country, thus consolidating Germany’s status as a pioneer in clean energy technologies.

Germany is the world’s third largest market for renewable energy investment which totalled $31billion in 2011. Sixty-five percent of investment in Germany was directed toward solar, with 29 percent ($8.5 billion) directed to wind. In addition, 700 MW of biomass capacity was added in 2011. ZG boiler has developed fire tube steam boiler for Germany to wider the industrial application. Besides Germany, biomass fuel has been used for many industries for a higher efficiency and lower cost.

In the emerging and developing nations the situation looks somewhat different. By 2020, we foresee emerging markets especially in African and Asian countries. They are building up infrastructure and their demand for energy is constantly growing. Small and decentralized...
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