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development of new, cleaner energy resources; reputational boosts; and more. For example, General Electric has undertaken an initiative calls “Ecomagination,” with plans to double its revenues from “green products”—including wind turbines and coal gasification technology—by 2010. Also, DuPont has committed to reducing its greenhouse gases emissions by 65 percent in 2010 compared to its 1990 levels which will in turn cause the company to have a more favourable image amongst the public and shareholder...

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Chemistry in 2050

substance that makes up 15-25% of the mass of a plant--cannot be fermented at all, and has to be converted by high-temperature gasification into syngas (synthetic gas) and then either burned or made into fuel. So improvements in process technology--converting biomass into fuel--are needed urgently. 'Whether through pretreatment, biological processing or gasification-based thermochemical processing, if biofuels are to meet a large portion of our transportation fuel needs, then we must be able...

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produces high percentage of biofuel but they are not widely grown. They are at times referred to conventional crops and they produce a lot of biofuels. Examples of second generation feedstock are mustard and cellulosic feedstocks. ( Lane, J. 2010). Gasification This is a process which relies entirely on organic or fossil based carbonaceous materials and converts them into carbon dioxide, hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is achieved by the reaction of the materials at a very high temperature of up to...

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Downdraft Gasifier Case Study

moveable grate to collect and remove ashes produced in gasification. They measured the temperature of different zones by placing thermocouples in each zone. There were six pairs of thermo couples each at different height of gasifier. In each pair, one thermocouple was placed at center R=0 and other was placed at half distance R=d/2. Temperatures were recorded at each location after every 5 minutes lap. The samples of gas coming out after gasification were stored in syringes. Results presented in the article...

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Evolution of L & T

for the hydrocarbon sector including Oil & Gas Refinery, Cracker, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer etc. apart from meeting the requirements of Defence, Aerospace and Nuclear Power sectors. It also supplies Key Coal Gasification equipment including Coal Gasifiers & Syngas Coolers for Coal Gasification Plants. 1. Oil conveyance pipelines 2. Engineered products Nucleare power point Thermal power point refineries 3. L&T construction i. Infrastructure projects ii. Metalergical and material handling...

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Moving-grate incinerators are more efficient than the static burners they replaced, ensuring more complete combustion. They also require less frequent maintenance than older models. Critics of this technology say it is less advanced than plasma arc gasification, which uses a plasma torch powered by an electric arc to ionize gas and catalyze organic matter into synthetic gas and harmless slag. This is the most efficient way of producing carbon monoxide and hydrogen for electricity generation. The much...

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Biomass Gasification - a Review of Technologies

Thermochemical Biomass Gasification – A Review of Technologies Abstract Gasification (in the context of this paper) is an energy process that produces a gas which can be used to substitute fossil fuels. It is a process which enhances biomass' usefulness as a renewable resource as the product gas (syngas) can easily be transported along existing gas pipelines, and can either be mixed with, or used as a replacement for natural gas combustion in gas turbines for power and heat generation. Syngas...

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Review Paper. Catalysts Analysis for Msw Pyrolysis and Gasification

Review paper. Catalysts analysis for MSW pyrolysis and gasification Tursunov Obida, Khairuddin Md Isaa, Dr. Ong Soon Ana aSchool of Environmental Engineering, University Malaysia Perlis UniMAP, Arau 02600, Perlis, Malaysia Abstract MSW pyrolysis and gasification are the possible alternative to the direct use of fossil fuel energy. MSW, a CO2 neutral source of renewable fuel, can contribute to the demand for heat, electricity and synthesis gas (syngas). Nevertheless, there are inefficiencies in...

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Royal Dutch Shell Company Entry Modes

Shell recognized these benefits; they began to research the coal gasification technology 25 years ago. The current third-generation coal gasification technology of the company ensures cleaner use of coal. This impact on the environment equals to the natural gas. The Royal Dutch Shell sets up a joint venture factory with China petrochemical group in Hunan Province of China. This factory using the Royal Dutch Shell’s coal gasification technology to construct and operate and it can product 2,000 tons...

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Renewable Energy

fibres and wood, which is often converted into feedstock for gasification. This will lead to production of syngas and finally, conversion into liquid fuels. The Edmonton landfill site is paired with the Advanced Energy Research Facility in order to explore new waste-to-biofuel opportunities by offering facilities for practical, macro experimentation & research. Biofuel production from waste is expanding to include enhanced plasma gasification, methane reformers, and gas-to-liquids methods, among many...

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