promoting biomass

Topics: Mario Cuomo, United States, Renewable energy Pages: 4 (598 words) Published: April 15, 2014
Colleen Cunningham
Econ 102
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Promoting Biomass

What exactly is Biomass? The first article I read called “Biomass for Heat: Think It, Speak It, Promote It!” we learn what biomass is and how it can help us in society today. Biomass can be seen as a generic term. Many people in North America refer to biomass as heat. For others biomass refers to algae or ethanol for liquid fuels, or wood chips for co-gen electricity. The readers of Pellet Mill Magazine refer to biomass as pellets for export. For pellet producers and advocators in the Unites States and Canada promoting biomass is not that first thing they think of doing. The pellet industry needs much more promoting in order to emulate over other United States and Canada businesses.

Although there is promotion of pellets there needs to be more. More promotion will bring more attention to the pros of pellets. One major pro of pellets is saving money. In today’s economy many households feel the need to save money with certain situations. Households are not the only thing that need to save money. Often many school districts, offices, and grocery stores will be big on saving money if they can find a way. The promotion of biomass through the pellets is very big topic to Richard Thomas. Thomas does not want anyone else in charge of the promotion of heat through pellets. This article focuses all around how biomass has many meanings but many people can associate it with saving money.

The second article I read was published by the Energy Business Review. This article was called “New York governor funds $3m for promoting biomass technologies”. This article is about how Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York gave $3 million dollars funding for research. The funding is for 18 research institutions, technology developers and biomass-fuel industries to inspire the development of high-efficiency, low-emission wood-fired heating equipment. The program is for the support of Renewable Heat NY. This...

References: John Crouch. (2013). “Biomass for Heat: Think It, Speak It, Promote It!” Biomass Magazine.
Publishers of Energy Business Review. (2014).” New York governor funds $3m for promoting biomass technologies”. Biofuels & Biomass News.
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