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called biofuel which can be used in everything from a car to a plane. All we need is a little sun. V. Preview: To help you become a little bit more knowledgeable, I’m going to explain to you exactly what biofuels are, why you should care, and give you a couple reasons to do your own homework. Transition: To start off, I’m going to tell you what biofuels are and why they’re important. Body First Main Point: According to the National Geographic Society and their webpage called “Biofuel Facts”...

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Biofuels. Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: A biofuel is made from a biological process known as carbon fixation. These biofuels are gotten from the conversion of biomass, solid biomass, liquid fuels as well as biogases. The biofuels are continued to be known because of the high prices of fossil fuels and also for the purposes of ensuring fuel security in various countries. (Caye, D. & Terry W.2008). The biofuels are produced from two distinct ways; that is through metabolic by-products...

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Title Length Color Rating Biofuel vs. Conventional Fuel - ... Mainly, biofuel contains hydrogen and methane which are particularly derived from the microbial material. And these are recyclable whereas the petro fuels are not recyclable. In addition, the amount of emission of carbon dioxide from biofuel is much more less than from petro fuels. Surely, the power density and lifetime of biofuel must be improved to compete with the conventional fuels but biofuel certainly has several advantages...

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 Biofuels: Are They Actually Ecofriendly? Biofuels: Are they actually ecofriendly? Biofuels as said by David Tilman and Jason Hill, “…are not created equal.” I always thought biofuels like ethanol and biodiesel were a big step forward into reducing the global impact of fuel; such as transportation, production industry and cultivation, but according to the facts that Tilman and Hill brought forth says otherwise on the most current and popular biofuels. Published in 2007, “Fuel...

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Biofuels – Alternative and Renewable Sources of Energy - Modified from Source: http://biofuel.org.uk/ BIOMASS Biomass can be termed as organic material which is derived from living or more “recently deceased” organisms. The most important feature of biomass is that it is a renewable source of energy unlike other natural resources like coal, petroleum and even nuclear fuel. Biomass itself is a renewable energy source because we can always grow more trees and crops, and waste will always exist...

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Biofuels vs. Solar Engery

and electrical generators around the world; biofuels. Biofuels are renewable gas or liquid fuels made from plant matter such as corn, sugar cane and vegetable oils. The two main types of biofuels are known as ethanol and biodiesel; both made from feedstock and are expected to largely reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. Yet, are biofuels really a viable alternative to solar energy with this fight against global warming increasing? Biofuels, although thought to be renewable and greenhouse...

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Biofuels Pros and Cons

Environmental Issue Paper 07/31/12 Biofuels: The Pros and Cons A hot topic all over the world today is whether or not biofuels should be implemented to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Biofuels are defined as “liquid fuels derived from biological materials; can be made from plants, vegetable oils, forest products, or waste materials” (Dale, Kline, Wiens, 2). Currently in Europe, the European Commission (EC) is committed to reducing the total green house gas emissions 20% by 2020, and...

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Biofuels - Oneworld Essay

Biofuels- Will it help? Cibell Resch 29.01.12 We have been using fossil fuels as our energy source for many, many years now, but they are starting to run out. We are consuming more fossil fuels than that are produced. Biofuels are a rather recent alternative to using fossil fuels. Biofuels are derived from biomass, which can then be transformed into a biofuel that has many purposes, one of them being a fuel that will run a transport vehicle. One of the ways to get fuel from the biomass...

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Concepts for Biofuel Production Model

Concepts for Biofuel Production Model The world will run out of fuel to power our transportation within the next couple generations. The pollutants and greenhouse gases that we our emitting while using the remaining fuel has a negative impact on the earth’s biosphere. Our dependency on foreign oil does not support the economy of the US; while we are supporting unstable countries in the Middle East. The price of gasoline is approaching the point of being unaffordable for many. It is obvious that...

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Evaluating the Sustainability of the Eu Policy: “by 2020, 10% of Transport Fuel in the Eu Should Be Supplied from Biofuels”

Evaluating the sustainability of the EU policy: “By 2020, 10% of transport fuel in the EU should be supplied from Biofuels” Introduction: The 2009 Renewable Energy Directive (RED) required a 10% share of renewable energy in the transport sector by 2020; biofuels must emit a minimum of 35% less greenhouse gases (GHG) than the fossil fuels they replace, increasing to 50% for existing plants in 2017 and 60% for new infrastructure thereafter. The Fuel Quality Directive, setting a target of a 6% GHG...

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