Topics: Carbon dioxide, Methane, Pollution Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Description: Biomass is organic material derived from living, or just living organisms. IT is used off of plant, vegetable, or animal based material. Biomass is versatile. It can be used for direct combustion. Main goal:

Reduce waste generate by community
Used waste to generate electricity
Lower ecological footprint
Create sustainability
Impact the world:
Increase of employment in agronomy, forestry, and industries correlated to manufacturing feedstock will exhibit significant increase Widely spread in rural areas (Convenient).
Carbon dioxide emission
Reduction in air pollution and acid rain, if replaced fossil fuel. Recycling of CO2, plants will be able to absorb the vast quantity (photosynthesis). Impact community
If used in an anaerobic digestion plant, it is qualified for Feed-in Tariffs (FITs). By using biomass for energy generation, it doesn't go to landfill and therefore avoids the landfill tax. It mostly perceived to be an environmentally and socially attractive service. They provide opportunities for recreation and leisure activities. Mass produced:

Thermal- A common way to burn biomass to create heat. At biomass power plants, biomass is burned in a boiler t produce high pressure steam which drive a turbine to generate electricity Thermochemical- By heating plant matter. Biomass reactors heat biomass in a low oxygen environment to produce a fuel gas. Which can then fuel steam generators, combustion turbines, or fuel cells. Biochemical- When bacteria are used to break down biomass, methane is produced and can be captured from landfills and sewage treatment plants to produce fuel for heat and power.

Economics impact
Biomass can supply sustainable amounts of low-cost feed stocks It is easier to obtain financing for first-of-a-kind plants. (Currently, the returns on such investments are low and, therefore, financial unrewarding for investors.) to implement a nationwide biomass energy distribution system to...
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