Topics: Water, Atom, Oxygen Pages: 4 (860 words) Published: March 26, 2014
Station #1: Water and Ice Station
Observations on a frozen and a normal can of soda being placed in a pool of water: The normal can of soda
Is alright
The frozen can of soda
Is compressed

Observations on Ice cubes being poured in ethanol:
Ice cube in ethanol
The ice cube floated
Ice cube in water
The ice cube sank

Station #2 Cohesive properties of Water
Observations on waters cohesive properties using a paper clip and a coin: Paper clip
The paper clip stayed on top for a few seconds then it sank
We were able to place 12 drops of water before it overflowed,

Station #3 Water as a solvent
Observations when oil, food colorants, sugar and salt is poured into water ethanol or both and stirred:

Cooking oil
Food colorant
-Didn’t dissolve
-stayed on the top
-water changes color
-dissolves after some stirring
-after stirring it for a while, dissolves
-food colorant falls to the bottom
-doesn’t dissolve
-falls to the bottom
-doesn’t dissolve
-falls to the bottom
-doesn’t dissolve

Station #4 thermal properties of water
Observations about thermal properties of water in (Celsius) : Water
-23.9 degrees at room temperature
-28.5 degrees at room temperature
-at 55 degrees bubbles started coming up as well as smoke

Station #5 Polarity of Water
Observations on rubbing a rod in cloth and placing it close to a water stream: -When the water stream started falling from the tube, and we placed the negatively charged rod close, the water got attracted by it

Station #6 Adhesive paper of water
Observations on water adhesive properties being tested with wax paper and a pipette: Placing the pipette in small water pool
The water adhered inside the pipette
Dropping drops of water in wax paper
The water drops got attracted one to its other
Rubbing water dropper against wax paper
The wax paper absorbed the water and got wet

Station #7 Molecules of Water
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