Saline solution lab

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Saline Lab


The purpose of this experiment is to find out the molarity of each solution while finding out how many grams of sodium chloride we have.


1. Wire gauze
2. tongs
3. Burner
4. balance
5. Matches
6. hot hands
7. ring stand
8. ring clamp
9. graduated cylinder
10. evaporating dish


1. Mass the evaporating dish
2. Record how many mL of solution you add into the evaporating dish then mass them together. 3. Set the evap. dish on the ring clamp and start the burner then find the perfect flame. 4. Wait a certain amount of time depending on how much solution you have for the solvent to evaporate. 5. After all the solvent is gone mass the evap. dish with the sodium inside it. 6. subtract the original mass of the evap. dish and you’ll find your mass of the sodium. Then you can set up your equation and find the molarity.

Trial 1-
evap. dish: 53.87g
20mL of solution: 20.32g
evap. dish & sodium: 54.16g
sodium: 0.75g
Molarity: 0.64M

Trial 2-
evap. dish: 53.50g
20mL of solution: 19.16g
evap dish & sodium: 53.84g
sodium: 0.34g
molarity: 0.29M

Trial 3-
evap. dish: 53.50g
10mL of solution: 9.71g
evap dish & sodium: 53.66g
sodium: 0.16g
molarity: 0.27M

Trial 4-
evap dish: 53.50g
10ml of solution: 9.63g
evap dish & sodium: 53.64g
sodium: 0.14g
molarity: 0.24M

All trials-
The water evaporated and left behind the white solid particles of sodium.


Our average molarity was 0.27M. In trial 1 there was a “made in china” sticker on the outside of the evaporating dish that we failed to take off which burned and got ashes in our solution drastically increasing the amount of our molarity.


1. Molarity is how much solute that can be dissolved in a solvent.

2. 29.2mol

3. 4mol

4. 3000mol

5. 4500mL

6. 1.3M
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