Laboratory Equipment and Bunsen Burner

Topics: Laboratory equipment, Solubility, Mass Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Name: Carson DoorleyPartner: Adam Lindeman
Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to 1. Test your lab skills for accuracy.2. Also to know what the safety rules of lab are.3. Lastly to be able to name and identify la eiment Procedure: See lab skills lab pp23-28.

Questions:1. The hottest part of the flame is the tip of the inner blue cone of the flame

2. if your flame is to yellow orange or sooty black you have to adjust the air vent of the Bunsen burner.

3.Zero the triple beam balance using the adjustment screw on the left side of the balance below the pan. The pointer should meet up with the the line on the right side of the balance. 4. to tare the electronic balance hit the tare button or the button with the 0 in between 2 arrows. 5.


7. To properly measure liquids you read from the bottom of the meniscus which is the slightly concave surface of the liquid. 8. When you put liquid into a graduated cylinder measure the liquid then drop an object into the graduated cylinder and the difference of the 2 measurments is known as volume displacement. 9.mass by difference or taring is when you place a container on the scale and zero it out then weigh the object you are using. 10. 1 similarity between a buret and a graduated cylinder is they both give a measurement reading of liquid. 11.A buret is used to measure how much liquid has left the buret and a graduated cylinder is used to measure how much liquid is inside the graduated cylinder. 12. Soluable means a substance that is dissolvable

13. The soluable substance was salt.
14. to recover this substance you would leave the liquid out and uncovered and let the water evaporate then the salt will be left behind. 15. insoluable means a substance that is not dissolvable
16. the insoluble substance was sand.
17. a filtrate is a soluble substance that passes through the filter. 18. a precipitate is the solid that remains in the filter.
19. one reason for bending/smoothing glass would be that...
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