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Best Management Practices

By lucinda321 May 03, 2013 574 Words
My name is Lucinda Wilson; I am a 26 year old single mother raising three beautiful children. Their names are Kaleel Wilson (8), Samiya Wilson (6), and Xavier Wilson (5); they are the loves of my life. If I had to identify someone who made a significant influence in my life, it would be my mother, Ms. Vernell Scott Wilson. My mother has had twelve children and I am the eighth child. When I was young I watched my mother struggle to take care of all her kids. If that left her without, and she made sure that her children were secured. On September 22, 1989, we had a terrible tragedy happen to our family. On that day in which was twenty-three years ago we lost our father in one of the most horrible storms to hit Lee County; Hurricane Hugo. My father went to our mobile home to get my brothers, after that was done he went back for a reason we never knew. He was electrocuted and he passed on that night. At the time my mom was in the hospital about to give birth to one of my youngest sisters. During that time I was only three years old, so I didn’t understand it then, but even now to this day all I know is that my father is gone. My mother has been a strong woman because she had to deal with that, and not only that, she had eleven kids left to raise alone. My mother never gave up on us, no matter how bad, destructive, and hard headed we were. My mother has a major influence in my life in so many ways. From things she went through in life, I’ve learned to never give up, trust in God, and be good at whatever it is that you put your mind to do. She taught me to don’t settle for the less, but always do your best. From her being a mother that has raised twelve kids alone she showed me that I can do it with three. There were so many times when I told my mom that I wanted to give up. She would look at me and say, “I didn’t give up on you”, that was enough for me to keep pushing and saying I can do this. There is this one scripture in the bible that sticks with me whenever I feel like giving up, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” My mother kept us in church every Sunday. We were not only going to church, but she made sure that we were doing something in the church as well. From singing on the choir, to doing praise dances, to even being on the Usher Board, and now I’m doing the same with my kids. Although many of my mother’s children graduated from high school, none has yet to graduate from college. I want to be the one to say I did that. She tells me that now even to this day, “Cindy go to school so you can better your life for you and for your family.” You don’t want to teach your children to settle for anything. So on this day I hope and pray that this essay is a step closer to making my mother proud of me, but most importantly a step towards a better future for my kids, as well as me.

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