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Chapter – One


1.1 Background of the Study

Management practice is arguably the most important thing a college or university does, enabling all of its core activities of teaching, research and wider social and economic service to be optimally achieved. It involves a thorough knowledge of the institution’s present strengths and weaknesses and the making of choices about the future. Good analysis and intelligent choices will ensure the exploitation of opportunities, the avoidance of disaster and improved reputational positioning. Above all it will help to structure the experience and commitment of the people who work for and with the college, giving them a source of personal as well as collective pride. Management practice is a constructive and creative, if not to say a vital element of the independence as well as of the effectiveness of a college or a university. Management practice is the role and functions of a manager and the principles, concepts and techniques used by managers in carrying out their work. The development of principles and concepts of management encouraged the formalization of schools of business during the Twentieth Century. Since Frederick Winslow Taylor published the principles of scientific management in 1911, organizations have been trying to follow formalized sets of best practices. His principles of scientific management initiated a revolution in how we viewed both the process and position of the manager. Many of the early writers in management contended that there was a right way of organizing work and accomplishing tasks (Gilbreth 1911). Others built on the engineering approaches to acknowledge the impacts of bureaucracies (Weber 1947). Mintzbert explained the role of the “manager” in directing the organization to achieving goals in a rational manner (1971). Academic disciplines such as complexity and contingency theory have sprung up, as have numerous practical innovations, from decentralized budgets to performance reviews to lean colleges or universities. Management and practice are so routinely separated in organizational thinking within the social services that staff groups, aims and values are polarized into opposite and competing positions within the one organization. This makes the convergent thinking required by 'the management of practice' difficult. The topic chosen is both of key importance to a college or university management and stand at the forefront of the current debate. Some of these topics have never been covered in depth before and all of them are equally applicable to further as well as higher education. This study will contribute to the development of pool of information for the organizations on the role of management practice and its impact in an organization. There are many reasons why managing assessment practice effectively is not just important, but a necessity. Firstly, a college or a university has to ensure that the assessment standards it sets engage with an intricate web of expectations and requirements – those of employers and professional and statutory bodies, and those of students and the public at large. Secondly, a college or a university has to be confident not only its practices are, but that there are mechanisms in place to ensure that the practices which have been set are pursued and sustained across the management. Thirdly, a college or a university has to assure itself that its assessment procedures and processes operate in ways that are just, equitable and consistent.

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