The Management Theory and Practice

Topics: Management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Operations research Pages: 4 (1058 words) Published: May 16, 2011
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The management theory and practice has changed over since the early 1900’s, while the economy developed. With the globalization and technology be used widely, the environment became more competitive. The social institutions feel pressure to face a new challenge. The management system should be innovated into the new conditions and challenges management and the new management made workplace more productive. The old management evolved from classical management approaches to modern management approaches. This essay will describe three parts of changing in management approaches: changing in the method of treating employees, changing the method of management problem solving and achieving modern management approaches.

The classical management approaches thought is developing universal principles for use in various management situations. The three major aspects are scientific management, administrative principles and bureaucratic organization. For scientific management, Taylor and Gilbreths advanced that “making results-based compensation a performance incentive, carefully design jobs with efficient work methods, carefully select workers with the abilities to du these jobs, training workers to perform jobs to the best of their abilities, training supervisors to support workers so they can perform jobs to the best of their abilities” (Campling et al. 2008, p92). Those ideas are efficiently improving the productivity, but problems had appeared. The first one is a high staff-attrition rate (Campling et al. 2008, p92). The companies have given priority to make staff recruitment and employee training programs. Second problem is that it not implement fully. Some employers decreased the piece rate of wages to because they do not willing to pay the large increases brought about by the increased productivity of Taylor’s method (Mckenna 1999, P55). Third, “the narrow specialization of jobs led to dehumanizing of the workforce” (Mckenna 1999, P55). All of...
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