Principles of Management

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Leadership Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: March 17, 2015
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Principles of Management
Week 8 Individual Work

Differentiate Between Management and Leadership Styles

Assignment Instructions
To complete this assignment:

1. Answer all of the questions below in the space provided.
2. Reflect on the information presented in this week’s lesson and provide an insightful response to each question writing no more than two paragraphs. 3. An example of an excellent response is given for you.

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1. Save your work as a Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx) file that includes your name, course code, and title in the file name. For example: JaneSmith_MAN2021_Week8.docx. 2. To submit your assignment, go to the Dropbox and click "Submit Assignment." 3. Click on the drop-down menu to select the Week 8: Individual Work basket in the Dropbox.

Objective: Analyze your own management style and how it can be effectively utilized to maximize results

EXAMPLE: Review Exhibit 12.1 on page 405 of your text: Managers Vs. Leaders. It is also listed below for your convenience. Which bullet points in the “Managers” circle apply to you and why? Example answer: In reviewing Exhibit 12.1, the bullets that I feel apply to me are 1) do things right and 2) problem solving. In my work, I always want to do the right thing. Sometimes it may affect others in a negative way. But, if it’s the right thing to do, they’ll understand. I’m also a very good problem solver. I love being tasked with something and looking through data, reports, and pulling new reports to try and find the answer. When I do find it, it feels really good. It’s as if I have something tangible I can hold in my hand. Example a. What references, if any, were used to assist you in answering the question? Williams, C. (2014). Effective management: A multimedia approach (6th ed.). Mason, OH: Thomson Publishing. 1. Review Exhibit 12.1 on page 405 of your text: Managers Vs. Leaders. It...
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