Principle of Management

Topics: Decision making, Management, Leadership Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: April 15, 2013
My business club intends to hold a debate competition at the end of the month. I am been selected and the title has given as, “Managers today should use the democratic style of leadership rather than automatic style.” Before I start this title, I decide to determine both of the style. Democratic Style

Democratic style is a platform to create a team to participate in the decision-making process. When an enterprise is making decision, they usually use democratic style in many parts of the business. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to dedicate ideas to the decision. There are two types of democratic decision-making: 1) Persuasive Democratic Management

The leader will makes the decision first and then convinces the employees that he or she has made the right decision. 2) Consultative Democratic Management 
It is involved in group decision-making and leadership to make the final decision. Autocratic Style
Autocratic style is means one individual has the authority to make all important decisions for a group or people. There are two types of autocratic management: 1) Directive autocrat
Directive autocrat is a manager who makes decision unilaterally and without the consent of his employees.  2) Permissive autocrat
Permissive autocrat is a manager who makes decisions without inquiring about the opinions of subordinates. 

First of all, I want to indicate that I strongly agree Democratic style of leadership is better than autocratic style. Why democratic is better? For an example, when we start a business, we may at first only a business partner who can be somewhat agree with mission statement. At some point you will need to hire employees. Employees can be an interesting people. You must let them control your vision so that they are in the same business in orbit. Democratic style works well because usually there will be several leaders of the same business that are listen to the employees in order to provide a good two way...
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