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Student Name
     Erica Nichole Smith
Course and Section Number
Program of Study
      Criminal Justice Investigation

Introduction to Criminal Justice
CCJ 1020
Week 1 Individual Work

Student Success Plan

Assignment Instructions
This personalized Student Success Plan will help you focus on what it takes to be successful in this course and as a college student.

To complete this assignment:

1. Answer all of the questions below. They help you think through your status as a student, analyze your academic goals for this course, and make a plan for accomplishing them. 2. Click the shaded box beneath each question and begin typing your answer. The answer area expands as you type.

This plan enables you to take responsibility for your own success!  

Save and Submit to Dropbox
1. Save your work as a Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx) file that includes your name, course code, and title in the file name. For example: JaneSmith_CCJ1020_Week1.docx. 2. To submit your assignment, go to the Dropbox and click "Submit Assignment." 3. Click on the drop-down menu to select the Week 1: Individual Work basket in the Dropbox.

I. Analyze your strengths and motivations

1. What do you consider to be your strengths as a student? Which personal characteristics help make you successful? Write a few sentences about how you will use your strengths and personal characteristics to successfully complete this course.      My strength of being a student is to always help the other student out and make them achieve their goals. Always submit my work on time and keep up with my schedule. I will use my strength to make sure that I am always here for my class on time and make sure that my entire grade is passing to my standards. Because this is my goal in my life to make everything complete and make sure that I can handle this postion of job field that I am actually going under. 2. What motivated you to register for this course? Explain...
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