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ENG 093 Checklist Steps on Blackboard

Please be sure you understand how this course is designed. If you have ANY questions, please ASK NOW! The format will allow you to tailor the class to your learning style. While this gives you a great deal of flexibility, it also gives you the major responsibility for completing activities that will help you learn the material. Please note that completing instructional activities is a key strategy for learning the skills presented in this class. If you do not understand a concept, the time to ask for help is BEFORE you take the posttest.

Start Here: Unit Checklist
You will begin each week by downloading and saving the Unit Checklist to your desktop. The checklist is your "manual" or "road map". It tells you what to do and when to do it. Complete the unit assignments by following the checklist and using the textbook and resources found in Blackboard. As you complete the instructional activities and other weekly assignments, take detailed notes and record examples and notes on the checklist. The checklist will automatically expand as you type in your notes. Each time you work on the checklist, resave it to your computer. This checklist will serve as a study guide for the unit test, future paragraph assignments, and the course final. Do NOT submit the checklist.

Journal assignments
Each week you will respond to two journal prompts. Writing journals must be completed the week they are assigned, no exceptions. Journals must be at least 150 words each, are worth 2 pts each, and are included in the course average.

Writing Assignments
Writing assignments are required, are worth 20-50 points, and are included in the course average. Directions for completing the revised and edited paragraphs, “Your Turn” writing activities, and paragraph development lesson documents will be included in this step.

*A note about “Your Turn” activities. “Your Turn” activities are generally writing practice activity...
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