Barangay 33 Information System

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As one steps into the portals of another age, a new demand for new level of information arises. Planners and policy makers in the government and the private sector including the academe and research institutions rely heavily on the information available. The shift in the demand for national and regional-based statistics to small-area statistics grows with time as projects are more focused on countryside development and across sectors. In recent years, local government planners focused their development plans across sectors in the community to maximize the use of resources. Thus, the need for detailed small-area statistics also rises as data input for situational analysis, planning and project identification to meet the need of families requiring priority action and attention. Several attempts had already been done to generate information at the local level to address the need for sectoral development since the Local Government Code was implemented way back in 1991. Due to budgetary constraints however, statistical agencies limited the generation of information at the national and regional level and estimates for variables or indicators needed are often assumed to be the same at the provincial or municipal level. Despite the fact that the National Statistics Office produces barangay based information, it is restricted to population data. Statistical information is a tool to acquaint people about the quantitative aspects of their community life and development. If no information will be available as the basis for planning at the local level, services required and development objectives will never be realized. Thus, the study of “Barangay Information System for Barangay 33 was formulated”. Statement of the Problem:

The project has three phases namely:
1. Data Storage and Analysis of Existing Data
2. Data Generation and
3. Updating and Maintenance of the Database.
Specifically this study will attempt to answer the following questions: 1. How will the data of all constituents of Barangay 33 be gathered? 2. How will the data gathered into the database system be stored? 3. How will the data, forms and other important things from the system be generated? 4. How can the future Barangay Leaders update and maintain the database; Theoretical Framework:

In developing a system for Barangay 33, Paterno Street, Tacloban City, the information is needed on its citizens. Different strategies will be applied to create a functioning system.
First we try the open systems approach. Our proposal to gather data is to approach the Barangay Council of their status. This activity will enable us to gain valid information about the barangay constituents’ name, the number of people involved and other points of interest. With enough data gathered, the system can now have its contents.

After the gathering of data, The Input/output Persuasion Model will be in use since the data gathered varies over time. The behavior of the council can affect the system’s creation. We will monitor the change in the area before the final design of the system. The new events will be designed as new input to system which will create its final outputs. This study will further give knowledge on what the improvements to be taken. The waterfall model will also be applied. It is a sequential development process in which development is seen as flowing steadily downward through the process of requirement analysis, design, implementation, testing, integration and maintenance. The researchers will also need the principles of the DBMS. Database serves as a databank where records are kept in a suitably accessible form on a computer which is being managed by a DBMS. The Normalization Theory is another helpful theory in this study. It is a simple, common sense, process that leads to flexible, efficient, maintainable database structures. It is the process wherein the database structures have been...
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