Barangay Information System

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To provide the people at the barangay level with a database and communications system that will improve the delivery of public services to them, thereby improving the quality of life at their level


Among the 42,000 barangay units in the Philippines, very few have their own database and communications systems. This is largely due to the fact that they do not have the means to bring together the components that would make this happen, namely the infrastructure, the manpower and the content

Generally speaking, it is the cost of the infrastructure that prohibits the barangay units from putting up their systems. Based on experience, it is relatively easier to bring in the manpower and the content components once the infrastructure component is in place

Due to the fast evolution of computer technology, many hardware and software products quickly become obsolete in commercial terms, even if these are still functionally useful in technical terms. More often than not, these products are just stored or discarded for good

The Pentium series of personal computers (PCs) is a good example of this quick obsolescence. Many of these computers are no longer in use, but these could still be put to good use at the barangay level by simply upgrading their operating software and installing new applications software. This is the same story in the case of other computer brands or make


Used computers of any brand or make will be reformatted and equipped with new Linux operating software. Machines with existing Windows or Mac operating software that are still functional will just be reformatted and repaired, retaining the existing systems


The project will install new applications software in the reformatted and repaired computers. Existing software applications in these computers such as Microsoft Office will be retained if their licenses are still current. Otherwise, new software that is freely available such as Open Office and Ubuntu will be installed

Aside from Office software, the project will also install database software in the machines, enhanced by communications software. For example, the project will install a Geographic Information System (GIS) database, enhanced by a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a Short Messaging System (SMS)

The GIS-GPS-SMS combination will be partly useful in enabling the people at the barangay level to have a basic tool for environmental monitoring, for purposes of Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). However, they will also be given the option to avail of advanced tools such as the Instant Warning Alert System (IWAS), an SMS based compact weather station (CWS) that costs only 30,000 pesos


The project will proceed on the assumption that most of the barangay areas already have available electricity. In the other areas that could not be reached by existing power grids, the people at the barangay level will be taught how to use solar energy and how to fabricate power generators using old automobile engines

It should be noted that in many areas where coconut oil is readily available, it would be affordable to use the homegrown oil as 100% fuel, or as a partial additive to a bio-diesel mix. Hopefully, the project will create a new opportunity for coconut farmers to not only sell a new higher value product, it will also create a new market for them both locally and globally

Aside from the solar and the generator options, the people at the barangay level could also utilize other energy sources such as biogas from methane sources. This will have the added advantage of cleaning the environment and availing of the global carbon credits scheme


By using web browsers, the people at the barangay level will have access to video archives such as You Tube. Aside from that, they...
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