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banking operation and regulation

By jonathanaryee Apr 14, 2014 293 Words
 BANKING OPERATION AND REGULATION CASE STUDY/SENARIO On 23rd November 2012 a customer of your bank Grace Eyang, called in to say that her Husband Mr Daniel Eyang had just been admitted to the mental hospital for treatment. Enquiries were made and this information was confirm to be correct. On that day, the Balance of Grace Eyang account was ¢10000 in credit and that of Mr Eyang account was ¢8500. Also Grace Eyang and Mr Eyang had a joint account deposit account with a balance of¢25000 in credit. Upon her request, the balance on Mr Eyang current account and the balance in the joint account were transferred to a new account in Grace Eyang’s name and the account was name Nō 2. She claimed she would use the account to pay the hospital bills and to settle household account outstanding. You took over management of a bank recently following the previous manager‘s retirement , and today Mr Eyang called in and introduce himself and say that although he has been ill, he is now fully fit again. He also asked you to supply him with a new cheque book for his account and he shocked to learn that his account has been closed. You tell him of the transfer and also the transfer of the joint account balance. Mr Eyang react by saying that he intend to see his solicitors who he adds are now handling his divorce. He claimed that the bank should not have dealt with the balance of the account as he did. REQ:

1) You are required on the bank position with reference to the actions it took as the time when Mr Eyang was admitted to the hospital. 2)State how you will deal with the present situation, give reasons for your answer

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