Do or Die

Topics: Bond, Bank, Debt Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Chapter 3


a. Identified/Observed in the Organization
Problem I observed about the bank:

1. Incomplete information: To open an account sometimes people have given incomplete information which will become a very acute when any dispute arises. I find out these and called them to submit the necessary document. 2. Introducer problem: When a client tries to open an account he must have to need an introducer, sometime it may create problem for the new clients. I referred them old clients to introduce. 3. Requisition for check book: For getting a new check book in case of opening a new account or a new book for old account holder he/she have to wait 3 or 4 working days after submit the requisition form. I provided the form and filed it.

4. Lowest no of employee: On the counter service is sometimes unsatisfactory because of not having enough employees for the counter sector at that time I gave them basic information and provided them different forms. And helped them to fill it up. 5. High interest rate: In case of advances in different project, the interest rate is too high. 6. High maintenance cost: Though it is a private bank its maintenance cost is higher then any other Government bank. 7. Pressure for loan: Most of the time parties are creating some sort of pressure to get the loan. 8. Mortgage problem: There are some mortgage problem such as, acquisition & proprietorship, problem of asset. 9. Security against loan: In case of method of granting security against loan, hypothecation is much risky as compared with other charging security, but it is being used massively in DBL.
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