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30 July, 2012


Puan Lia Mariam binti Dato’ Abu Bakar
20-A Jalan Sura Jetty
Off Jalan Pantai
2300 Dungun Terengganu

Dear Puan Lia

CURRENT ACCOUNT NO. 252-131526-11

I regret having to write to you again calling your attention to the fact that your account is still over drawn 2 weeks ago. I wrote to you pointing out that you were three hundred ringgit your debt and despite your assurance to put matters right only fifty ringgit has been paid into your account during the last fourteen days. I am afraid this problem cannot be continued and I must ask you what steps you intend to take to remedy the situation.

May I make a suggestion to you which I am very sure will help you as it help so many other young couples, like yourself have to bring out a family on a single income. I am referring to Budget Account which has the effect of spreading the load, thus making it is easier to keep a stable bank balance.

A list is made of all the household bills that are expected during the coming year. These are added up and the total divided during the coming year. These are added up and the total divided by twelve. The bank will then arrange to transfer each one of these twelve installments form your current account to a budget account each month. Then as the bills settlement the bank will take care of the rest.

I hope you will consider taking this scheme as you need to solve your financial problem with us immediately.

Puan Lia Mariam
Page 2
30 July, 2012

Please do not fell hesitate to call me for further assistance.

Yours sincerely


Abdul Naim bin Adam
Senior Account Manager



c. Mr Young Lee Chun
Current Account Department
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