Aviation Industry

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The four views of an aircraft are listed below:
1) Top View

2) Side View

3) Front View

4) Back View

Detailed picture of an aircraft highlighting both internal and external parts of an A380

Aircraft Manuals
Below are some manuals which should be published and certificated by the appropriate manufacturer, in accordance with the organization’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval.

It contains all the necessary information to enable an aircraft engineer to service, troubleshoot, functionally check and repair all the systems in an aircraft. In addition to information relating to the repair and the functioning of a system, the maintenance manual list special precautions relating to the safety of a personnel and equipment.

Aircraft structures and systems are rather complex and to identify components and parts for repair or replacement tends to be a tedious task. The identification of parts is therefore illustrated in a parts catalogue known as an IPC or ILLUSTRATED PARTS CATALOGUE. It incudes cut-ways and exploded diagrams with each part numbered.

Some components may not be repaired in the hangar or during line maintenance and these may require repair or overhaul at an approved facility. To ensure this can be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction an overhaul manual should be made available.

This manual contains details of repair materials and procedure to be used for structures, which are subjected to field repairs. It also contains information relative to – 1. Material identification and substitution

2. Corrosion control
3. Riveted repairs
4. Descriptions of procedure that must be carried out
5. List of riveted fastener installation
6. Fastener Codes


This manual is a very useful document for avionics personnel, especially when used in conjunction with the...
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