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AIR LEGISLATION Which ICAO annex provides guidance for the airworthiness of aircraft? A) B) C) Annex 6 Annex 8 Annex 13 (Level 1,



What is the minimum requirement to be held before an approval/authorisation for maintenance certification may be granted by an Approved Maintenance Organisation? A) B) C) An Aircraft Technician Certificate A Type Rating (TR) A Licence Without Type Rating (LWTR) (Level 1, BCAR Section L Issue 13)


Prior to grant/extension of LWTR in any category (except Category ‘X’ – Compass Compensation/Adjustment), the minimum period of engineering experience relating to the maintenance of life aircraft is A) B) C) 6 months 24 months 36 months (Level 1, AN No. 5)


If DCA has a need to circulate information to all concerned with the airworthiness of civil aircraft, they will issue A) B) C) Airworthiness Notices Amendments to Maintenance Manual Service News (Level 1, DCA AN Foreword 3.5)



The process of restoring an aircraft/aircraft component to a serviceable condition in conformity with an approved standard is termed as A) B) C) Overhaul Servicing Repair (Level 1, AN No. 3 para 3.1)


Under Airworthiness Notice No. 3, a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer shall be responsible for the of an aircraft and/or its components. A) B) C) Assembly, functioning, and condition Assembly, storage, and condition Replacement, repair, and overhaul (Level 1, AN No. 3 para 1.4)


Certificate inspection technique Engineer’s rated A) B) C)

of Release to Service (CRS) for non-destructive using the Field Kit for Colour Contrast Dye Penetrant shall be issued by holder of an Aircraft Maintenance Licence in which is appropriately type

Category ‘A’ Category ‘X’ Category ‘R’
(Level 1, AN No. 3 para 1.8)


Which one of the following aircraft category requires the issue of a Certificate of Maintenance Review (CMR) for a maximum period of one year? A) B) C) Transport category aircraft less than 2730 kg MTWA Transport category aircraft exceeding 2730 kg MTWA Private category aircraft below 2730 kg MTWA (Level 1, AN No. 12 para 3.3.1)



Which of the following statements is NOT related to the Certificate of Airworthiness for Export? A) B) C) Raised by the DCA Informs the Airworthiness Authority of the country to be exported the aircraft is airworthy in all aspects Allows the aircraft to be flown its destination (Level 1, BCAR A3-6)

10) To qualify for the issue, renewal or validation of Certificate of

Airworthiness (C of A) or approval of modification, the aircraft shall fly under A) B) C) ‘A’ Condition ‘B’ Condition ‘C’ Condition (Level 1, MCAR Second Schedule, page 2130)

11) If the aircraft were to fly under ‘A’ Condition, prior to flight it shall

be issued with a A) B) C) Permit to fly Certificate of Fitness for Flight Certificate of Release to Service (Level 1, MCAR Second Schedule, pg 2131)

12) A DCA approved Aircraft Flight Manual is

A) B) C)

A document in its own rights Part of the Certificate of Airworthiness Part of the Operations Manual (Level 1, AN No. 88 para 3)



A Malaysian aircraft , if in relation to such aircraft a Certificate of Airworthiness in either the Transport or in the Aerial Work category is in force, a must be maintained. A) B)


Certificate of Release for Service Technical Log Certificate of Fitness for Flight (Level 1, MCAR Regulation 29)


Pursuant to regulation 28, each Certificate of Maintenance Review shall be preserved by the Operator of the aircraft for a period of A) B)


4 months after a maintenance review has been carried out 2 years after it has been issued 2 years after the aircraft has been destroyed (Level 1, MCAR Regulation 28)


In Duplication Inspection of all control systems, the person performing the second inspection may A) B) C) Take account of full extent of the work carried out Clean the immediate area of disturbance Inspect part...
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