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Upon successful completion of this module, students will have demonstrated Knowledge
K1. Their understanding of contemporary practice in the effective leading, managing and influencing of others K2. Their reflective understanding of appropriate techniques and practices K3. That they are aware of the importance of relevant techniques in inter-personal relationships processes K4. That they understand techniques related to the practice of making sound and justifiable decision making and problem solving Skills

S1. How to critically evaluate themselves and the business leadership role S2. Essential people management skills
S3. Proficiency in postgraduate study skills
S4. The critical evaluation of a range of communication skills

Portfolio development
Your overall assignment consists of 2 elements which are to be submitted as part of your portfolio development. All portfolio elements will be submitted to your tutor. NB: the MBA groups will submit Portfolio 2 to their tutor

Portfolio 1, 50% of the overall mark
* Group task: a presentation (this links to the individual written assignment: * Individual written assignment: Management of a change/development process, Portfolio 2- 50% of the overall mark

* Construct a Personal Development Plan
* Reflect on your development
* Your PDP
* Working in groups
* Leadership
* What you have learned from you the company visits and the visiting speakers programme * What you have learned from your development

The total of all the portfolio elements will constitute a 100% of your marks. Note: all elements must be submitted!

Information will be given on the sun-space site designated for PGBM 68. This will include * How-to-do guides
* Helpful tips and advice
* Recording of at least one lecture linked to the assignment

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Module: Developing Skills for Business Leadership| Mode: Individual| Code: PGB M68| Weighting:100 %|
Level: Masters| Learning Outcomes: K 1,2,3,4, and S 1,2,3,4| Module leader: Gillian Watson| Moderated by:Kevin Gallagher| Portfolio 1 (50%): Group taskIndividual TaskManagement of a change/development processPortfolio 2 (50%): Personal and Professional Development PlanReflection on your personal and professional development| Formative:- Slides and presentation in the classSummative: Hand in: 17th March 20132,500 wordsFormative: Develop your PDP- grid you must show this to your tutor in class in week commencing 5th Nov.Summative: Hand in: 19th April 20122,000 to 2,500 words| Hand – Out: w/c 10.10.12| |

Submission: To the Library services| By 2.00pm on the day designated|

Portfolio 1 (50%)

Management of change/development process
Assignment Aims:
The aims of this assignment are to help you learn by using the skills, competencies and knowledge used within the module. You will be required to work in a group. Your assessment, however, will be individually based.

You are initially to work in a group of 4 - 5 people which will address the task below. Your group will present a summary of its findings to other class members when there will be the opportunity for informal feedback from class members and tutors. Using your group’s findings and your own further research and analysis you are then to produce an individual written report according to the attached criteria. Additionally please note; in portfolio 1 you are asked to analyse the working of your group and the processes it engaged with leading up to the group presentation. Assignment title: Carbon Footprint Campaign

You are to imagine that you and your group have been asked as Management Consultants to devise a management of change campaign to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of staff working in a multi-national company (you may choose from the pharmaceuticals or industrial chemicals industries) with the purpose of promoting...
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