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Interpersonal Skills in Organizations

INTRAPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS: UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF 1. Journey into Self-awareness 2. Self-disclosure and Trust 3. Establishing Goals Consistent with Your Values and Ethics 4. Self-management

INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS: UNDERSTANDING AND WORKING WITH OTHERS 5. Understanding and Working with Diverse Others 6. The Importance and Skill of Listening 7. Conveying Verbal Messages 8. Persuading Individuals and Audiences

UNDERSTANDING AND WORKING IN TEAMS 9. Negotiation 10. Building Teams and Work Groups 11. Managing Conflict 12. Achieving Business Results through Effective Meetings 13. Facilitating Team Success 14. Making Decisions and Solving Problems Creatively

LEADING INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS 15. Power and Politicking 16. Networking and Mentoring 17. Coaching and Providing Feedback for Improved Performance 18. Leading and Empowering Self and Others 19. Project Management

Unit 1


he first leg of your journey toward self-development begins with an opportunity to take inventory of what you have and what you still need. This first unit is devoted to intrapersonal effectiveness—understanding yourself (and your goals, strengths, weaknesses, style, biases), and improving self-management skills, such as time management and stress management. As you’ll discover, “knowing yourself” may not be as easy as it sounds. However, we give you the tools to facilitate this process. Each of the four chapters in this unit helps you increase the odds of achieving intrapersonal effectiveness, and ultimately, personal and professional success and satisfaction. This first leg provides a solid start to your journey, as well as a strong foundation on which to build interpersonal, team-based, and leadership skills in the units that follow.

Unit One: Intrapersonal Effectiveness: Understanding Yourself

Unit Two: Interpersonal Effectiveness: Understanding and Working with Others

Unit Four: Leading Individuals and Groups

Unit Three: Understanding and Working in Teams


Journey into Self-awareness

Learning Points
How do I: • Determine my strengths and understand how they might guide me in personal and professional choices? • Figure out what motivates me in order to find personal and professional success? • Assess my limitations and develop a plan for improving in these areas? • Gain understanding and insight into my personality, attitudes, and behaviors? • Identify the biases I have that preclude my understanding and appreciating others? Marjorie Morgan, age 22, was excited about her first job out of college. She had worked summer jobs and one internship, but never in an environment as professional as the bank for which she’d work upon graduation. After taking some time off in the summer, she began work in August. Eager to show she was worthy of having been hired, she worked hard the first six months on the job. She enjoyed her co-workers, got along well with her manager, and was even involved in a technology project through which she was able to meet people from other departments of the bank. The project objective was to develop a new system through which customer complaints could be handled. The present system barely met the needs of the bank’s customers and was inefficient and costly to run. Over a period of several weeks, Marjorie and her project team members worked diligently to study the problem and develop a solution. The team consisted of Marjorie plus five co-workers: two were about her age and the other three were considerably older. Four of the five were college educated and all but one team member had greater tenure than she had. Of the six-person team, four were Caucasian and two were African American. The team did not have an official leader. Things ran smoothly for several weeks, until the time came for decisions to be made. As soon as a deadline was imposed on the group Marjorie became aware of some significant personality differences within...
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