three assessment methods which promote a learner-centred approach and explain how these three methods achieve this.

Topics: Learning, Assessment, Holism Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Promoting a learner-centre approach for an assessment is a good way of in keeping with individual learning. Moreover it promotes independent study to a point, because it works hand in hand with the strengths and abilities of the student which gives them confidence in their ability so in that way they are motivated. This therefore is an open example of andragogy learning, which is self-directing and empowers to learn. It creates an impulse to self assess and self reflect, which is the best form of learning as it is active. Practical work assessment is normally classified under a learner-centred approach as it mainly involves the student’s activities and their own way of doing or expressing something. In this way, practical assessments (which can include lab work, problem solving, computer simulations or anything that can produce a material result example: baking a cake, singing a song) keep students ‘on task’ where there is minimal area to deviate or wander off subject. Students are normally more excited about doing a practical exam as opposed to having to put pen to paper for a couple of hours so this gets their attention and creates a sense of urgency. It is also useful to have this kind of assessment method because it is easy to modify, to make room for those with a disability, to alter some steps for those with a different individual learning method. Having done a practical assessment promises a better interpretation of concepts learnt through practice, trial and error and consistency. The limitations include health and safety requirements and specifications, it is also quite time consuming to run and prepare, also, physical materials are needed such as a labs, computers, ovens, etc so this can only be done where and when opportunity is available. Portfolios, with carefully selected and justified collections of student’s work, are another form of assessment that could be learner-centred. Most of all, it is a good way of measuring progress and standard. Within...
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