Apple Iphone Swot Analysis

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, Operating system Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: March 16, 2009
A. Strengths

The iPhone has several features that add to the strength of the product. These include its unique look and feel accompanied by a mobile operating system. It has phone sensors that work with the multi-touch screen, which is a new patented technology. These new features are presented to a large and loyal user base that Apple has accrued over the years. Additionally, marketing was given support from all over the internet, saving the company over 400 million in advertising fees. Finally, the fact that the company is first to deliver in this arena of computer phones is one of its greatest strengths

B. Weaknesses

Like every new product, there are is a set of weaknesses. The iPhone is not a 3G device and will not work in technologically advanced countries such as Japan and Korea. All of their phones are 3G compliant. Several of the iPhone features are also not particularly impressive. These include the fact that it has a sub par camera, standing at about 2 megapixels as well as its memory not being removable. The phone is priced around 500 to 600 dollars and surveys have shown that 52% of consumers are happy with their current mobile device; essentially, this phone is geared towards the high end consumers. Apple’s choice of distribution channel has also been construed as a weakness as they’re limiting it to only Cingular and Apple retailers. Finally, its purpose is to be questioned does the phone fulfill corporate duties or is it just an entertainment system.

C. Opportunities

There is quite a demand for a better mobile computing experience. The iPhone tries to combine both powerful computing as well as entertainment into one system. People have also noted that the Mac OS applications for desktop can be seamlessly adapted for the iPhone. Also, this is the first step towards an Internet Protocol-based network. The emergence of Wi-Fi networks is pushing for there to be visitor fees instead of having a provider lock in users....
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