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Topics: Greenhouse gas, Meat, Climate change, Cattle, Beef, Carbon dioxide / Pages: 6 (1336 words) / Published: Oct 27th, 2013

Meat production is an issue that impacts on the environment. Some of effects that have been associated with meat are pollution, fossil fuels, and water and land consumption. In March/April of 2010 Bill McKibben published an article called “The Only Way to have a Cow” in Orion magazine. In the article, McKibben discusses the benefits of eating less meat which can result in a reduction in carbon emissions as cattle breeding has a big greenhouse effect. He believes that people should rarely eat meat or eat grass-fed beef because it would be better for the environment. He uses metaphors, imagery, and examples throughout the article to support his argument. In the beginning he uses ethos to tell us something about him as a person. Later he uses logos to tell us we should eat less meat. McKibben uses these literary techniques to make an effective argument.
The arrangement of McKibben’s article is organized and thoughtful because it is easy to read and follow. Ifi parts of the article were to be arranged differently, the article would not change its meaning because he establishes cause and effect method to prove his position. At the beginning of the second paragraph the author tells us in a straight forward manner that his argument is about “to meat or not to meat”, which has a lot of points to it. McKibben says that eating flesh is gross and a major cause of climate change through cause and effect. For example he states that “going vegan is 50 percent more effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions than switching to a hybrid car” (par. 2). This point supports his controversial point that eating less meat would benefit the environment. It leads meat-eaters to see the benefits that being vegans has, and leads them to stand on his side.
Bill McKibben is a well known environmental author and also the founder of, a campaign website on solving climate crisis. He wrote and published many books about global warming and climate change. He is also a board member

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