Analysis Of Solid-State Drives

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Table of Contents 1
Introduction: 2
Technologies 2
Solid-State Drives 2
Nvidia 24GB Quadro M6000 3
Glass Storage Disc 4
802.11ac Routers 5
Conclusion: 6
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In the networking and IT fields, there are many products helping the IT department perform faster and better. With enhancements happening everyday with technology, problems are solved faster and easier. Technologies that enhance today’s lives are Solid-State drives, Nvidia 24GB Quadro M6000, Glass Storage Disc, and 802.11ac Routers.


Solid-State Drives
In an IT field there are the small things that make a difference,...

For example in the work place there is an update of many computers. The upgrade from hard drives to Solid-State Drives is a huge benefit because the read and write speeds are so large. With a SSD the updates can be done faster and completed in shorter amounts of time making the hard drive obsolete. In this article, it says “Swapping out hard-disk drives for solid-state drives boots server performance and reduces the need to buy new servers.” (O'Reilly). His reasoning about this is that hard drives are slow compared to Solid-State Drives and by upgrading to them will increase performance and decrease the need for buying more servers to handle other tasks. By installing a Solid-State Drive into a computer there is a large impact on speeds, smaller and cheaper for a computer...

Devices and other types of drives are being thought of. With this new device using glass storage as a drive it can hold up to 360 terabytes (Southampton). From what they have researched at University of Southampton. With this amazing device there is a one result that Southampton is truly looking for, and that is the life span of the glass storage disc. Southampton says, “major documents from human history such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Newton’s Opticks, Magna Carta and Kings James Bible, have been saved as digital copies that could survive the human race.” (Southampton). Compared to the optical drives and hard drives, the chances of your photos or data staying on the drive for long is shorter because of something called “disk rot ” (Zhang). Going with the glass storage disc is a good alternative because the data will stay there for billions of years...
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