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As you have discovered, there are a variety of computers available, from the smallest computer in a domestic device to the supercomputers used in industry. Despite the different uses of computers, they all have basics elements in common- each computer system involves hardware, software, data, & users. Think about the role of each component of your home or work computer. How do the components of your computer system interact within the system? What improvements or additions to your system do you think would benefit you or make the system more user-friendly? Why? The hardware is the physical equipment, such as the keyboard, monitor, CPU, mouse, camera, etc. The software is what the computer does. Most computers come with basic software that a person can use without having to purchase new one. For instance, it may come with Microsoft Office. It also comes with games that a person can enjoy on the computer. Data is personal information that the computer holds on its hard drive and it can be retrieved by the user or users. This information is encrypted and cannot possibly be understood by the person without the software to put the information together to make it understandable. I am actually blessed with family members that are technology savvy and I do not have too many problems with my computer. It is fast with plenty of megabytes and storage room. I am looking into getting the program where I do not have to type. I can speak into a microphone and it does the typing. This way I can write papers and responses while I am performing household duties.
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