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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Request for Project (RFP)
CMGT 554 / IT Infrastructure

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Request for Project (RFP)
The following document shall serve as the RFP (Request for Project) for the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Team A has researched the hospital’s current IT systems seeking ways to ensure many years of continued success and compliance with the very best practices in the IT community today. Specific areas such as networking architecture design and the future proofing of the design for speed, accuracy, and security of the system shall be discussed as part of this RFP. Special consideration was given to the sensitive nature of the security surrounding patient information while proposing changes. The network proposals also include planning for external data links for areas such as insurance companies, physician offices, and vendors for medical supplies. As much of this data is critical to the treatment of patients, high speed and high reliability network function is second only to the security of the network itself. As the customer base grows it will also be critical to maintain adequate data storage on site as well. Team A shall propose the best methods for securing large amounts of data at the hospital, and the best methods to ensure physical and electronic security for this data. As many of the current technologies being used are data intensive when looking at storage needs the specific areas such as x-rays, MRI’s, CAT-scans and other large files storage will be addressed. Once the network and storage is fully installed and working as specified the next step is to assure that the software and supporting hardware is well suited to display the data to the end users in an easily manageable and highly functional method. Specific methods to deliver data to the end users are discussed and included in the final proposal, including suggestions for Wi-Fi, satellite, WiMax, DSL, cable and how each choice would benefit the end system. These systems will tie into the internal internet access points for both doctors and patients. Access points are defined for both fixed data access points as well as mobile computing points on the network. At the end of this presentation a wrap up of these technologies shall provide an overview of how each is an integral part of a system providing years of excellent patient care and a model of efficiency for the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Review the Current Networking Architecture

The current networking architecture of the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital can be broken down into two major sections. Today the two major backbones of the network include a 1000 Base T using CAT6 cable which provides network access to many administrative and operational areas of the facility. Executive management, Human Resources, Operations, Facilities, Finance, as well as the IT data center are all connected directly to this side of the network backbone. The hospital side is connected via 1000 Base F which uses fiber optics to ensure the very highest speed data transmission as well as protection from RF and other possible interference from hospital and lab equipment in use throughout this area. Connected on this side of the network bridge one finds Radiology, the Operating rooms, Wards, ICU’s, Emergency room, Labs, and the Pharmacy. Bringing the two major backbones together one finds a Network bridge which seamlessly combines the two different network technologies to a unified bridge point. Data entering the bridge from the fiber side is easily converted to the standard CAT6 cable, and the same is true for the CAT6 signal being converted to fiber optic pulses. This allows the same data to be shared across the entire hospital network. Currently, a wireless access point is also installed in each ward and throughout the ICU by using a Cisco 1250 series access point. The Cisco web portal offers the following information “The Cisco...

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