All Is Well

Topics: Piano, Frustration, Academy Award for Best Actress, God, Teacher, Learning / Pages: 2 (426 words) / Published: Dec 3rd, 2012
Outline: introduction:the Indian movie ,one sentence was repeated the most times,that is “All is well.”The movie told a story ........
Body part:to deliver a theme:Even if you are faced with frustrations and endless failure,tell yourself--”All is well”,recover your missing confidence,then keep on fighting.
Deliver the speech by personal experience:
The first story: When I was a child in kindergarten,i started to practice the violin because my uncle is good at playing it and he can instruct me in summer vocation.I don’t know whether I really love it but just thought to do this thing.While we didn’t live in a same city,so after summer vocation finished,I only can practice by myself..And what worse,my parents cannot find an excellent violin teacher in my small hometown.After 3 years ,i can find great progress in my playing skill.So eventually,I gave up playing the violin.It seems a great pity to a little child.But later I met the piano and found it touched the deepest place in my heart when the first time I put my fingers to the keyboard.And at that time,the piano entered my world and fulfilled my life.Luckily, I also met a wonderful piano teachers and I followed him to learn for few years.As the saying goes,the god will open a window for you while he closed the door.The piano just likes a present for me given by the god to compensate for missing the chance to learning to play the violin.So sometimes some pity may appear to disappoint you,but donnot feel depressed and believe in life is good ,all is well.You may meet a better choice later.
The second story: I did not do best in the entrance exam,and isn’t able to go to dreaming city and dreaming university, separate with lots of friends.I am depressed and frustrated .Then my parents,teachers and friends told me “all is well”, a temporary pity may bring me a complete different life and you will find it as charming as you dreamed.
3.Conclusion:Maybe you cann’t get a lot of money,you are healthy at least.Or if

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