Farewell Speech

Topics: Laughter, Feeling, Stay Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: October 2, 2011
By: Shiela P. Garcia
Time runs very fast. It seems like we’re just entering this classroom yesterday and now…the time for leaving is coming near. It’s hard to accept that after 3 weeks more staying in this room, we will be going to another stage of our life. As we were about to leave, allow me my dear friends to I bid my goodbye. For almost 10 months staying in this 4 portals of this classroom named Our Lady Of Hope, with 28 classmates, 10 subject teachers and 1 sexy adviser, I had made another countless memories that I’ll treasure forever. Who could ever forget those giant laughs we made on this every corner when teasing someone, those killing happiness I felt together with my best friends, and even the crying moments and pains I left behind. For all the hard times I had, the projects, exams, recitations, and pressures. I have to pass through these narrow path fighting these odds that obstruct my way. The burning brows, sleeping late at night and fighting my dear enemy-to wake up early, are only few of my sacrifices. Sacrifices that I learned in aiming good grades. But the most striking moment I feel at this very young age is that, the deep pain I’m trying to hide everyday. Participating actively in class, smiling, laughing but the truest feeling shouts, “ I want to die” and no one knows why. No one knew how hard for a student like me to experience not experiencing how it feel to have the so-called father, to have the so-called sweet home. You may not understand me now but I say to you, inspite of these, this room makes me feel, I’m not alone. I take this farewell speech as an opportunity to thank those people, who in way or another have mixed up with my life, who made impact in my studies and made me see how beauty life can be. I take pride of my friends who have stayed beside me through the days of happiness and sadness. To the unending support of my teachers and their advises that...
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